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Bohemian Traders is hiring!


Bohemian Traders is growing and we’re looking to fill a number of positions within our vibrant growing team in the roles of “Pick & Pack Assistant” based at our Erina Fulfilment centre, and “Casual Sales Assistants” at our Erina Heights Boutique.

Exceptional people skills are mandatory. An enthusiastic, motivated lover of fashion is assumed.


   - Are happy to ask lots of questions.
   - Figure out how to solve problems, not who’s to blame.
   - Get excited about working hard and solving problems in a dynamic workplace.
   - Care about ethics in fashion and business.
   - Can’t live without stripes and a dash of boho in your wardrobe.
   - Are decisive and intuitive.


   - Are decoding runway trends and refreshing EVERY woman’s fashion ambitions.
   - Love coming to work and always aim to create something beautiful.
   - Aren’t afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.
   - Care more about your intelligence and values than your experience.
   - Are independent, agile, enthusiastic and passionate.
   - Value honesty, productivity, initiative, loyalty and creativity.


Are you and Bohemian Traders a match made in heaven?
If so, drop us your CV via email! We’d love to meet.


Please contact to apply.